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餴n logistic●s, we can s●ee improved per■formance at● lower costs.Overcom〓ing logistics○ logjamsChina'●s Ministry of Comme〓rce issued○ the 2016 Commerce○ Logistics Opera◆tions Report disclo●sing that in C●hina alone RMB1●1.1 trillion (US$1.7● trillion) was○ spent on l●ogistics in 201◆5, witnessing 2.9 p〓ercent year-on-year ●growth and accountin〓g for 14.9 percent o■f the country&rs◆quo;s GDP (〓gross domestic◆ product).Neverth〓eless in the Unit■ed States, ■logistics c●osts

account for■ 6.5 percent GD●P, while in ◆Japan and Germany 〓it stands at 3.5 per●cent. Appar●ently, China◆ is strugg●ling with rising lan●d prices for bui■lding wareho〓uses and ma○nagement an●d labor co○sts.Here's where I●oT can provid◆e added-

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na○l value for ■the internat◆ional logistics indu◆stry," China◆.org quotes Voss◆ as saying.● "Our (DHL) goa◆l

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is to enable a mo〓re integrated log〓istics value chain t○hrough gre〓ater connectivi●ty enhancing t●he customer experie■nce."Hyperconnect?/p>

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駃vity EraHi-t○ech experts are for●ecasting that by ○2020, there〓 will be over 50 bil■lion netwo○rked devices, l○eading to ○a Hyperconnect◆ivity era. Manuf■acturing and ◆logistics will〓 be set up with Io■T systems, such as W●arehouse Ma●nagement System (W■SM) and Transporta■tion Manageme◆nt System (TMS).In ●regards to deliv◆ery shipments, c○ompanies can■ tap into clo■ud, GPS and Beid■ou Navigati●on System, RFID (r■adio frequency id●entification),〓 while chips〓 can transmit data, ◆including: ◆identification (trac●king and t〓racing), loca●tion, temperature,◆ weather conditions●, traffic reports ◆and much more■.IoT can play cruc〓ial roles in◆ transporta〓tion with cont●rol over vehicles ●used for ma■king deliverie■s. We can anti■cipate a future o■f more cameras

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●and sensors inst○alled on roads○, which can tra〓nsmit data t〓o cloud, w〓hile IoT can manag●e the enti〓re system.Chinese ○scientists and◆ inventors are wor■king overtime to dev■elop groun●dbreaking techn◆ologies in I○oT, which ca○n usher in a revolut〓ion in the manufac●turing and◆ logistics in〓dustries.(〓The opinions

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